Warlock: Master of the Arcane Wiki

The Underworlds (or Other Worlds) are extra dimensions for the Great Mage to exploit. Various high-tier enemies reside here (from Werewolves around the central portal to Gold Dragons around the edges)

Other Worlds are a good opportunity to gain an upper hand mid-late game, but be sure to bring plenty of hard-hitting units, as the creatures here are relentless. There are numerous types of Underworlds, each with a dominating terrain type, such as Lush, Volcanic, Frozen, Lunar and Desert.

Underworlds always contain rare tile upgrades, such as gold, adamantium and Gem Deposits. They are also the only source of dragon eggs, which provide either High-Tier units (Red or Gold Dragons), Gold (Human Cities), Food (Beast Cities), or Mana (Undead Cities). Other Worlds are also the best source of Holy Grounds in the game.

Elementals also make their home in these realms, and Earth Elementals are often seen guarding the Portals into the Underworlds. They spawn from Elemental Portals (found only in the Underworlds) and will cause a problem for any cities that are set inside the realms if they aren't taken out swiftly.

Armageddon DLC

The Dremer Anchors will also appear in the Underworlds, and be guarded same as on Ardania.

The Dremers themselves don't invade the Underworlds or contaminate the terrain there, neither vulcanoes will erupt or meteors will strike. The land will remain static unless you or some other Great Mage changes it. This can be a good place to found a few economically powerful cities, especially considering good bonuses that can be found there.

Known Worlds


  • Amperium
  • Birth
  • Ozeron


  • Ashbirth
  • Firestone
  • Hellplains
  • Volland


  • Outland
  • Lune
  • Noom
  • Shadowplanes


  • Iceheim
  • Coldwind Dale
  • Snowland
  • Shiverplane


  • Burnouts
  • Sharaha
  • Sandin
  • Desert of Sun

Ashen Forest

  • Ainadra


  • Atric
  • Firest
  • Raakis