"Today, my esteemed readers, we shall speak of Trolls. For a long time -- indeed, since the collapse of the Gigantic Midget Tower -- these magnificent monsters were considered extinct. Evidence of this ancient race could only be seen on tapestries or in an exhibit in the Royal Museum, called "The pee stain of the Troll slain by King Marius IV". But to our great suprise Trolls were not so easy to destroy after all. Remnants of species were discovered by Jacques Gnar de Crunch, the naturalist, during the Troubles. Later, Trolls gladly and extensively multiplied (thanks to the infinite wisdom of our Great Mage), and their population is no longer in danger of extinction. Today, like 300 years ago, you can encounter these green giants in any market in Ardania, merrily swinging their clubs about. Trolls stand out from other monsters owning to their size, strenght, the speed at which they heal -- not to mention their unhurried thought processes."

From "The Evergreen Ones", an article written by the noble werewolf Wolfus de Crunch.

Unit Details

Advanced Siege Unit



Base Perks

  • Demolisher: Bonus when attacking cities and forts.
  • Regeneration: +8.
  • Thick Hide: Resistance: +25 Melee.


Can be recruited after building a Trolls Bridge.


Melee 25
Missile 0
Life Magic 100
Death Magic 0
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 0