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In Warlock 2, The Grand Librarion of Dauros learned all spells at the end of Warlock 1, becoming The United One. He subjugated former Great Mages, killing some in the war, and forcing others to become his Lieutenants.

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Aftermath of Warlock: Master of the Arcane

After the Grand Librarian achieved the Unity Spell, factions tried to remove him and bring back the council.

  • Malinalxochi the Snake Queen tried to fight him alone, and was killed. Her half-brother Tlalocian vows veangeance.
  • Krel the Kingpin, Sol de Torvega , and Amberon the Dark formed an alliance against The United One, but were defeated.
    • Krel was saved by divine intervention of Krolm and Helia.
    • Sol de Torvega was killed.
    • Amberon the Dark was captured.
  • King Lich V fought the United One alone and was killed, but resurrected as King Lich VI .
  • King Rrat XLII fled, but died. His eleventh son, King Rrat LIV , is the new Rrat King.
  • Ash-Haar the Wisest was given a small world by The United One and did not come back to Ardania. His best student, Xara , took his place leading the remaining forces that did not go with him.
  • The Dragon Queen took over the Arethi Elves, before Amberon the Light inexplicably returned. Some returned to Amberon, while some stayed with her.
  • Rjakh returned to his native world amongst his fellow Planestriders just before the United One took over. He now plans to return and fight the United One.
  • Anna the Benign , formerly friends with the Grand Librarian before being betrayed, was saved by divine intervention of Agrela. She seeks to return to Ardania to rescue the people left behind.
  • Miralbus 'The Hat' Card , having just defeated the Dremer, had his victory diminished and lost his title as Head of the Council of Great Mages when The United One took over Ardania. While wandering in exile, he found a faction of Planestriders and allied with them to fight back. 
  • The Empress ended up as a Lieutenant to the United One. Not much is known of what occurred.
  • Elpiritster the Eternal was the first to offer allegiance to The United One, becoming the United One's first Lieutenant.
  • Tendral, son of Vendral became a Lieutenant to the United One. Not much is known of what occurred.