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A hexagon.[1]

A Hexagon is a geometric polygon with six sides and six edges. Hex comes from the Greek, and means six.[2] Why games like Civilzation V, Elven Legacy and Warlock: Master of the Arcane use a game board constructed of hexagons is because hexes, squares and triangles are the only polygons that can make up a field without adding a second polygon. Hexes are also good because they have borders into six other hexes, while squares just border four (though eight including diagonally), and triangles border just three, making a strategy game more advanced. One hexagon consists of six smaller triangles and three rhombuses. In video games hexes are often referred to as Tiles.

Terrain Types

In Warlock, all tiles have a terrain type that can limit the movement units. For instance, Ocean tile can only be passable by ships, amphibious and flying units, ground tiles are impassable for ships, and mountains are only passable by flying units. Advanced gameplay involves strategies that take advantage of tiles, since they gives bonuses and weaknesses to certain units, and cost different amounts of movement points to traverse.

Terrain Type Movement Cost Defense Modifier Unit Perks
City Improvement 0.5 City Fighter
Plains, Desert 1
Hills, Forest, Forest Hills Dense, Hilly, Dense & Hilly 2 +25% Highlander, Creature, Forester, Cover Specialist
Swamp, Lava Fields Poor 3 -50% Reptile
Mountains, Volcano Impassable, except to units with Flying

  • Desert includes "Barren Desert", "Sandy Desert", and "Ashen Desert".

  • Plains includes "Barren Plains" and "Icy Plains".

  • Forest includes "Dead Forest", "Icy Forest", "Charred Forest" and "Jungle".

  • Hills includes "Barren Hills", "Snowy Hills", and "Lava Hills".

  • Units Perks give a 25% combat bonus, reduce movement costs to 1, or do both.

  • Defense Modifiers only apply to the defender in a battle.

Other Modifiers

Aside from the perks and spells that can affect unit power in combat, a few other modifiers can come into play:

Name Combat Modifer Notes
On Guard +34%
Uphill Battle -50% Applies when a unit is attacking from a lower elevation
Bad Terrain -50% Applies to any unit in a swamp or lava field


The Basics

Units attack either in melee or in ranged. A melee attack is indicated by a sword. A ranged attack is indicated by either a bow-and-arrow or a glowing wand.


  • Melee battles are divided into an Attacker and a Defender. The Attacker assaults the enemy's position while the Defender tries to hold their ground.
  • If an attack is successful, the Attacker kills or drives away the Defender and moves to their hex.
  • If the Defender is badly injured it may retreat to an adjacent hex. This is out of the player's control.
  • If an attack is unsuccessful, both units go back to their previous position.
  • Melee units can only attack units on an adjacent hex that is on land.


  • Units with a ranged attack can attack any unit within their reach, even those on water.
  • Ranged attacks do not give the enemy an opportunity to counterattack, even when on an adjacent hex.
  • Units attacked by ranged will never retreat.
  • A ranged unit that kills an enemy will not move into their hex.


  • In melee combat, both the Attacker and Defender damage each other's hit points according to their Attack stats.
  • In ranged combat, only the Attacker's damage and the Defender's resistance is counted.
  • If a unit has Resistances against a specific type of damage, the damage will be reduced by a certain factor.
  • If a unit does more than one type of damage, each is calculated separately according to the enemy's resistances.
  • When a unit's hit points reach zero, it is dead.

The Details

  • Attack damage is lowered when a unit or building takes damage, but this isn't indicated in their attack stat, unlike unit power debuffs like Weakness.
  • A unit that inflicts a bane, like Ghost Wolves, can only inflict it when attacking.
  • When a unit attacks or uses an ability, they can't perform another action for the rest of the turn, with the exceptions being units with the Frenzy, Hit and Run and The Terminator perks.
  • A unit can move and attack in the same turn, but will only be able to attack or use an ability if it has remaining movement points.
  • Flying units can have a melee attack, like Green Bats, or a ranged attack, like Wild Serpents. Ground units cannot attack a flying unit in melee, but when a flying unit attacks another unit in melee, they are able to counterattack.
  • Flying units can't be targeted by an AoE ability of a ground unit, but they can be hit by the splash damage.
  • Units can always counterattack no matter how many units attack them in melee in a turn, even if stunned.
  • Melee naval units can't attack units on land.

Local Resources

These have no effect in combat, but can provide resources, perks, or units of great strategic value.

See also: Buildings

Resource All Humans Monsters Undead Elves Planestriders Svarts
Adamantium.png Adamantium

Adamantium Smelter

Perk: Adamantium Armor

Rectification Facility
Amber Gem Grinder

Amber Mill

Perk: Amber Amulet

Ancientruins.jpg Ancient Ruins Excavations
Barrow Tent Researchers Historical Heritage
Donkeys.jpg Donkeys

Order of Stubborn Knights

Unit: Stubborn Knights

Trading Post



Perk: Modern Technology

Dwarvensettlement.jpg Dwarven Settlement

Dwarven Settlement (building)

Unit: Dwarves

Dwarven Forge

Perk: Dwarven Steel

Dragoneggs.jpg Dragon Eggs

Red Dragon Nest

Unit: Red Dragon

Dragon Farm Dragon Farm Dragon Conservatory
Elvenvillage.jpg Elven Village

Elven Bungalow

Unit: Elven Archers

Gems.jpg Gems

Jewelry Shop

Perk: Protection Amulets

Gem Mine
Gold2.png Gold Gold Mine
Golddragoneggs.jpg Gold Dragon Eggs

Gold Dragons Nest

Unit: Gold Dragon

Halberdhall.jpg Halberdhall

Halberdiers Guild

Unit: Halberdiers

War University

Perk: Masters of War

Holyground.jpg Holy Ground


Unit: Temple Units

InfernalRift.jpg Infernal Rift Demonologist Workshop
Iron.png Iron


Perk: Masterwork Armor

Transmutation Facility Transmutation Plant
Koatlvillage.jpg Koatl Village

Koatl House

Unit: Koatl Spears


Perk: Water of the Snake

Magicfield.jpg Magic Fields Magic Testing Area Magic Garden


Perk: Magical Transformer

Magic Brewery
Magic Herbs

Herb Store

Perk: The Power of Herbs

Herbal Laboratory

Perk: Healing Pills

Magicnode.jpg Magic Node Enchanters Workshop

Perk: Enchanted Weapons

Mana Pump

Cheese Cave

Medical College

Perk: Medical Education

Mana Crystal Mana Transfigurator
Minotaurcaves.jpg Minotaur Caves

Minotaur Palace

Unit: Minotaurs

Minotaur Labyrinth

Perk: Tried by Labyrinth

Nevril.png Nevril

Nevril Smelter

Perk: Nevril Armor

Design Department

Perk: Lightweight Armor

Svarts Forge

Perk: Nevril Armor


Charms Shop

Perk: Obsidian Amulet

Pigs.jpg Pigs Pig Farm
Pumpkinfield.jpg Pumpkin Field Pumpkin Farm

Shrine of the Rotten Pumpkin

Perk: Hill O' Win

Field of Ghosts

Perk: Ghost Armor

Silver.png Silver Silver Mine

Silverwork Armory

Perk: Spirit Weapons

Silverwork Brewery

Perk: Spirit Brewery

Spider Hatch

Silk Workshop

Perk: Magnificent Silk Robe

Spider Farm

Spider Hatcher

Unit: Predator Spiders

Sulfur Ritual Circle

Pyrotechnic Laboratory

Perk: Pyrotechnics


Uranit Factory

Perk: Unknown Emission

Notes and References