"As legend has it, one day Sir Christold the Resplendent was executing a tactical offensive maneuver (in the opposite direction of the battlefield). For this purpose a donkey was borrowed from a local merchant, quite in spite of the merchant's strongest objections. The maneuver was very nearly a smashing success, but then the donkey stopped stone-still before a shallow brook. After having wasted much time trying to budge it, Sir Christold realized that the enemy had already responded to his cunning tactical ploy, and had surrounded him from all sides. There was nothing left for our intrepid hero than to leap back into the saddle and enter the..."

Unit Details

Advanced cavalry unit



Base Perks

  • Advanced Armor: Resistance: +40 Melee, +60 Missile
  • Donkey Cavalry: Never retreats. Donkey Cavalry


In order to build Stubborn Knights one must first build a Order of Stubborn Knights on a tile with Donkeys resource.


Melee 40
Missile 60
Life Magic 100
Death Magic 0
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 0


One of the strongest, most cost effective and mobile fighters early on. On the downside they can't be upgraded, and you have to give up a strong economic building, the Trading Post, to make them.

They're also good for holding important locations, since they never retreat.