"To create a skeleton sniper requires both mastery and patience. First, one must create an oculus visum from rock crystal, one for each sniper. Then one must strengthen the arms with 'live' leather, and the neck with rods of nevril. Due to the high cost of these materials, I recommend that novice necromancers should first train on wooden dummies." - From "Necrarium Tomeus" by Necromaster Barbaross the Deceased.

Unit Details

Advanced archers



Base Perks

  • Dead Dead: Immune Death Magic. Resistance: -25 Life Magic, Cannot be healed by life magic
  • Sceleton Skeleton: Resistance: +75 Missile


Can be upgraded to from Skeleton Archers.


Melee 0
Missile 75
Life Magic -25
Death Magic Immune
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 0


These are great units to use against monster or human armies that are primarily composed of units that do ranged or melee damage, especially in conjunction with Zombies as meat shields. This works because of the Zombies' high health and the snipers' own natural ranged resistance. Although this strategy works against undead also, the extra ranged resistance the of your skeletons is negated by your opposing Great Mage's skeletons.