"Royal Guardsmen are the most respected Halberdiers of Halberdhall. They are the descendents of those loyal warriors who once protected the capital and the great King himself. In their desire to live up to their reputation, they have undergone the strictest training imaginable. A true Royal Guardsmen is a halberd-wielding machine of death. Apart from his superhuman ability to wear his armor for five days stright, ignoring every urge to itch, he can remain on guard, stone-still, for as long as necessary without being distracted by any pretty damsels who might parade past."

From "The Overall Description of Everything" by Master Alfus Bumblegate.

Unit Details

Elite Fighters



Base Perks

  • Excellent Armor: Resistance: +60 Melee, +80 Missle.
  • Guard of Halberthall: Hates: Donkey Cavalry (+50% Damage)

Document Inspection: Movement Points: -2. Effect is applied to all neighboring enemy units.


Can be recruited after building a Training Arena and Halberdier Hall in a city with at least 10 population.

Upgrades from Halberdiers.


Melee 60
Missile 80
Life Magic 100
Death Magic 0
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 0


3rd-tier melee unit with no real standout qualities except perhaps their relatively cheap initial price (though, given where you have to be to recruit them, that's probably not quite as big a deal as it seems, and their upkeep is quite high too).  While they're generally serviceable, their lack of unique abilities lets them down in comparison to most other endgame melee units.