Warlock: Master of the Arcane Wiki

Resources are generated by cites (along with a few spells), and used to pay for upkeep costs, units and spell casting.

In Warlock, there are four resources: Gold Gold.png, Food Food.png, Mana Mana.png and Research Research.png.


A shortage of Gold Gold.png causes the player to go into debt, requiring them to recover the negative amount before being able to buy. An Excess of Gold increase the stockpile for it.

A shortage of Food Food.png impairs city growth, apparently by the amount of lacking food. An excess provides the extra amount as additional Gold income at half the amount of extra Food.

A shortage of Mana Mana.png causes the negative mana to be deducted from your gold income An Excess of Mana increases the stockpile of it.

There cannot be a shortage of Research Research.png. An excess of Research provides Mana at half the rate of extra Research.

Focus production

Due to the existence of output multiplying buildings, it is often best to focus each resource producing city to one production alone and maximizing it.


At this point, it is interesting to note that each race has its specialty. Monsters are good at producing food Food.png, humans make gold Gold.png and undead weave mana Mana.png.

Races different from your starting one suffer from penalties on resource production (20%) and on city growth (which means less buildings over time). So, their advantage on regular terrain may not be that huge, even if significant. Using them, if possible, when a corresponding special resource is available is a no brainer though, because their output multiplying buildings apply to that resource as well.

Magic bazaar

Is it worth building a magic bazaar in undead mana-producing cities? It depends on their base output. Building the bazaar takes 5 construction slots (market, bats fort, tax office, vampire mansion and the bazaar itself), and one of them costs 2 mana to maintain. Those five buildings could be mana farms instead, bringing in a total of 5*4=20 mana. This means that your bazaar is only worthy if your city makes (or is expected to make in the future) at least 22 mana per turn without counting multipliers. In this case, the 100% bonus it gives can overweight the loss.

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