There are eight divine entities in Ardania:

Krolm, god of Rage

  • Provides melee damage spells, strong unit power buffs, and protection runes for units.

Krypta, goddess of Death

  • Provides summons, strong temple units, and strong healing and blessings for undead units.

Fervus, god of Chaos and Nature

  • Provides strong summons, and strong unit blessings like regeneration and elemental resistance.

Lunord, god of the Moon and Wind

  • Provides movement speed blessings, spirit and elemental damage spells, and the ability to take another turn.

Grum-Gog, god of Pestilence

  • Provides strong banes for units and cities, and death magic spells.

Agrela, goddess of Life

  • Provides healing, city blessings, unit resurrection, and immunity to death magic.

Dauros, god of Order and Law

  • Provides strong life magic spells against undead, strong temple units, and protecs units against banes and dispel.

Helia, goddess of the Sun

  • Provides strong elemental damage spells, protection against elemental damage, food production blessings and banes, and the ability to destroy buildings.


Standing with a god can be changed by completing or failing their quests, constructing temples on Holy Grounds, and choosing a divine perk for your kingdom at the start of a game.

Higher favor grant higher levels of Divine Spells to research and use, but it angers the other gods, especially those of an opposite alignment. The way this works seems to be based on the gods locations in the pantheon; building a temple to Helia will obviously decrease your relationship with Lunord, but it will also decrease it with Grumgog and Fervus while bringing you closer to Krolm and Dauros. Angering a god might forbid you from building a temple to them, or even cause an Avatar to be summoned:

Alignment Effect
75 Can cast fourth tier divine spells

Can cast third tier divine spells

25 Can cast second tier divine spells
10 Can cast first tier divine spells
<10 Can't use divine spells
< -10 Can't build temples
-100 Avatar is summoned


Grants favor and Temple Units, and are built on rare Holy Ground tiles found in Ardania or the Underworlds.

Temples grant unique units for each race:

Humans Monsters Undead Arethi Elves
Krolm Blademasters Krolm's Housecarls
Krypta Sisters of Krypta Ancient Liches Spirit of Death
Fervus Beastmasters Druids
Lunord Assassins Adepts of Lunord Spirit of Darkness
Grum-Gog Champions of Grum-Gog
Agrela Priestesses of Agrela Paladins of Life Spirit of Life
Dauros Paladins of Dauros Paladins of Death
Helia Archers of Helia Wolves of Helia Spirit of Light

Religious Victory

By controlling enough Holy Ground or killing an Avatar you can win the game.

For more see Victory Conditions.

Important Note:

You can get some Temple units from upgrades. Example: You want Argela Temple units and your starting race is Human. You still can build a Temple of Argela in an elvish city. This way you will be able to build  Spirit of Life, get Priestesses of Agrela by upgrading Healers, and get Paladins of Life by upgrading Ratman Pirates. So you will have all three temple units by building one Temple. And much faster, of course. 

Works well for all gods except Grum-Gog, naturally.