"These days only the best of the best Hunters are bestowed with the title of Rangers. Only those who have mastered archery, blind hunting, and possess rudimentary cartography skills (an extremely rare and secret art) are able to ascend to the right to wear a blindfold and a special type of headwear known as a "Base-bull Hat.""

From "The Overall Description of Everything" by Master Alfus Bumblegate.

Unit Details

Advanced archers



Base Perks

  • Scout: +1 sight radius.
  • Forester: Defense bonus in forests; Bonus when attacking targets in a forest; Passability: Dense.


Can be recruited after building a Rangers Guild and Training Grounds.

Hunters can be upgraded to Rangers for 120 Gold.


Melee 0
Missile 0
Life Magic 100
Death Magic 0
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 0