Lords are special units that sometimes offer their services to a Great Mage for a fixed price in gold. They also can be found in monster dens or received as a quest reward. With the Great Mage edition, there is a spell choosable as a Great Mage perk to summon a random Lord to offer services.

Lords are divided into 3 levels of power:

  • Usual. 150 gold cost. Begin to offer their services approximately after 20 turns. Can be found in common and advanced monster lairs.
  • Famous. 700 gold cost. Begin to offer their services approximately after 50 turns. Can be found in elite monster lairs.
  • Legendary. 2000 gold cost. Begin to offer their services approximately after 100 turns. Can be found in supreme monster lairs.

Lords are not stronger than regular units, especially on low levels. However, they have some advantages:

  • Lords maximum level is 15 and they level up faster.
  • Lords can equip artifacts.
  • Lords possess unique abilities and perks.

With all these factors Lords are desired units. Full-blessed 15 level Legendary Lord with top crafted artifacts is the most powerful unit player can have.

The Great Mage Edition DLC contains 4 Heros choosable as Great Mage perks. One of these, Tal Kalessil, is also a default perk selection for a new Great Mage (Tal Kalessil).

Table of Lords

Fighter Creature Archer Caster Healer Construct
Usual Chosenwarrior Chosen Warrior
Elderogre Elder Ogre
GrandStubbornMaster Grand Stubborn Master
Rratprince Rrat-prince Firstsharpshooter First Sharpshooter Blackmage Black Mage
Linainverse Leya Inverse (DLC)
Magefrost Nicholas Frost (DLC)
Multiraced HalfAll (DLC)
EnlightenedShaman Enlightened Shaman
Highhealer High Healer
Famous HighblademastersHigh Blademaster* CruelcreatureCruel Creature
OldenghostOlden Ghost
Lordmagedragon Tal Kalessil (DLC)
Elvenbowmaster Elven Bowmaster HighKoatl High Koatl
SupremeVampire Supreme Vampire
ImpadvisorImp Advisor*

Barfor Barfor
SkeletonKing Skeleton King
SpiritofkingsSpirit of Kings

SartDeTorvegaSart de Torvega LordKeeper Lord Keeper Elderwitch Elder Witch


  • If you already have 4 Lords, you won't get any more messages nor can you find them in lairs, so you need to play with 3 until you find the specific one you're looking for.