Backspace = deselect unit
F5 = QuickSave
F9 = Load QuickSave
[ and ] = cycle through units ( with German Keyboard layout this is ß and ´, the keys after 0 (zero) )
Alt-R = Open and Close Research
Alt-C = Open and Close Cast Spell
F12 = Takes screenshot (this might be the steam overlay)
H = Turn Hex on and off
G = Guard Mode (remove from orders queue, very small visual clue [change of shield])
E = I think causes a unit to Explore for that turn. My unit just start moving to the fog when I hit E.
Arrow and "WASD" keys scroll the map.

Cntl-D  Disband Unit (has a confirm window)
Cntl-F  Sentry Mode (sleep until an enemy comes into visual range)
Cntl-W Open World Selection

For units i can't set in sentry because enemys are to near i made a mouse makro:

Key "G" followed by "Backspace", so the unit is done for the Turn and deselected, so i can click assign orders again without need to scroll the mouse and the unit dont need more attention this turn.