"Biographers who consider the career of Marshall Nolak the Strong often point out that his famous ante-mortem declaration about spear-armed goblins not posing any threat is in fact often misquoted. It was later discovered that he meant to say "Goblins armed with spears do not pose any threat to such stout-hearted warriors as yourselves. Onwards, my boys!" To our great distress, the good Marshall never finished his thought, because he was interrupted midway through the sentence when a goblin pierced him with his own spear."

From "The Overall Description of Everything" by Master Alfus Bumblegate.

Unit Details

Common fighters.



Base Perks

Thick Hide: Resistances: +25 Melee.


In order to build Goblin Spearmen, one must first build a Goblins Guild.


As the weakest of the starting fighters, these guys generally require assistance from Rats to take down tough targets, or have to take a defensive stance while Goblin Archers whittle down the health of attackers.

On the plus side their high movespeed lets them escape from battle easily.


Melee 25
Missile 0
Life Magic 100
Death Magic 0
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 0