"Ghosts are completely useless creatures. And if that were not enough, they take advantage of their incorporeal nature, and play tricks of dubious nature, which often strain the laws of decency. One must admit, however, that ghosts remain excellent soldiers in the army of the undead." - From "Necrarium Tomeus" by Necromaster Barbaross the Deceased.

Unit Details

Advanced fighters



Base Perks

  • Dead Dead: Immune Death Magic. Resistance: -25 Life Magic, Cannot be healed by life magic
  • Bodiless Bodiless: Immune: Melee, Immune: Missile, Resistance: -25 Elemental Magic.


Melee Immune
Missile Immune
Life Magic -25
Death Magic Immune
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic -25


Ghosts do no damage when attacking all undead units and receive no damage in return (except some minor bonus ones from level-up perks, if someone chooses elemental damage etc.). However, they will wreak havoc against living creatures, especially those with melee/missile attacks: warriors, archers...

Surprisingly effective in attacking undead cities - they deal damage while receiving none in return.

Ghosts can be countered by clerics, healers, mages, arethi spearmen (to lesser extent), elementals, dragons and spells or special abilities (which often deal rare types of damage).

Ghosts are excellent units for holding strategic positions, especially in Armageddon mode. They are afraid only Elite Dremer units (Mages and Flyers) and constructs (that do elemental damage). Adavanced and Supreme units cannot harm ghosts. AI cannot adapt to your immunities and will throw all forces to eliminate ghosts with no result. Profit.