"Creatures of the elemental plane, composed of living plasma. They're easily distinguished by the throngs of burning heroes running in the opposite direction."

(From the collected works of His Majesty's Advisor)

Unit Details

Advanced magic casters



Base Perks

  • Body of Fire: Resistance: +90 Melee, +90 Missile, +25 Elemental Magic. Immune to Death Magic.


Melee 90
Missile 90
Life Magic 100
Death Magic Immune
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic 25


These units can be created with the "Summon Fire Elemental" spell for only 105 mana, and since the spell (without Agile Mind or any other spell/perk that reduces casting time) takes two turns to cast, you can churn these out at a speed of 1 every two turns if you can keep your mana income above 53 per turn without any net mana loss. Because of the upkeep cost (6 mana) of each of these units, you will need a mana income that continues to grow, which makes Undead a particularly good race to use if you are planning to spam these units, with all of their mana oriented buildings.

Quite effective against Dremers - summon them to defend your cities if you're short on cash.