Dremer is a non-playable race that comes with Armageddon DLC. It appears only in Armageddon Game Mode and plays the "main rival" role there.

There are no Dremer units in Ardania or Underworlds from the beginning of the game. Approximately after 25 turns the "Dremer gates" begin to spawn around the world. Those gates serve like a common monster lair: it spawns dremer units and should be destroyed. If was not destroyed, it would explode by itself and leave surrounding landscapes Destroyed. Pay attention, that upon initial spawn Dremer Gate infects the surrounding area with Contaminated Land that heals Dremer units and damages others.
The first spawn waves bring only advanced dremer units, such as Warriors and Throwers. Approximately after 50 turns elite dremer units begin to spawn, and after 100 turns (approximately again) supreme units shall come.
Dremers do not capture cities, they destroy them instead (which then spawns a Dremer's Castle). Be aware, if Dremers manage to destroy someone's capital - Great Mage Shadow will spawn.
At some moment of the game the "Dremer Anchors" shall spawn. Player instantly receives a quest to destroy all 3-10 anchors in order to get a "Teleport to Dremer World" spell. Anchors are always protected by one of the supreme units and can spawn in both Ardania and otherworlds. After destruction of anchors player should invade the Dremer World and kill their leader the Dremargor.


For the list of Dremer units, see Units/Dremer.
Dremer units are noticeably stronger than their recruitable analogs, especially in early game when units are low level and player don't have an access to helpful blessings. They have overall good stats, with the only weakness to Spirit Magic damage (the first wave of Dremer units is also weakly resistant to Death damage).


Name Attack Hit Points Notes
Dremer's Gate

15 Elementalicon

Range 2

80 Exploding after some time
Dremer's Castle

20 Elementalicon

Range 2

150 Appears instead of captured city's castle
Anchor of the Dremers

25 Elementalicon

Range 2



The amount of Dremer Anchors to be destroyed in each playthrough is most likely dependent on the initial settings (etc. world size, number of underworlds). There have been reported numbers as low as 3.