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Creation and Placement

  • Cities cannot be placed closer than 4 tiles from one another.
  • They cannot be built directly on special resources (Iron, etc) -- these can only be worked with a building designed for that resource.

Population Growth

  • Cities can build 1 building per city size (the number to the left of the city name).
  • City size increases by 1 for every 1000 citizens.
  • Cities grow ?? number of citizens per turn; this number is decreased if your empire has negative income of food (or mana, in the case of Undead ciies).

Border Growth

  • Cities start with 1 "ring" of hexes (7 hexes total including the city tile; 6 workable).
  • At city size 5, a city will expand to a 2nd ring of hexes (adding 12 more workable hexes).
  • At city size 10, a city will expand to a 3rd ring of hexes -- its final size. (adding 18 more workable tiles).


Your capital is pre-placed at the beginning of each game. It can be transferred into another city using the "Transfer Capital" spell. 


Additional cities you found will begin as Castles, but may be converted to one of the below "special city" types. This is a one-way conversion; special cities cannot be changed into a Castle.

Castles are normal cities, where you can build units and buildings. 

Special Cities

Special cities never expand their borders, do not contribute to unrest. 


Freetowns are special cities, meaning they never expand their borders. They contribute gold income, but no food, mana, or research. They are quite weak.


Strongholds are very strong defensive structures, with 500 hit points and a strong attack, but contribute nothing to the economy.

Temple City

Temple Cities have a stronger attack than Freetowns, which can vary in damage type depending on the God, and contribute resources based upon the God they represent.


City Limit/Cap

Starting a new game gives an option to disable the City Limit game mechanic entirely with a checkbox.

Going over the City Limit gives a number of Unrest points at the beginning of each turn.  Special cities  (Freetown, Stronghold, Temple City) do not count toward the City Limit.

The City Limit defaults to 5.

It can be increased by:

Name Obtained By Increase
Archon Great Mage perk 2
Bureaucrat Random Loot  2
Chamberlain Random Loot 1
Barony Domain Management Research 1
County Domain Management Research 2
Duchy Domain Management Research 3