Warlock: Master of the Arcane Wiki

Artifacts are powerful pieces of equipment that can be equipped for Lord units, granting them special perks. Each Lord has 3 equipment slots. The types of slots vary by lord; some may have 3 Armor slots, while others may have a Magic Item, a Magic Weapon, and a Melee Weapon. 

There are five possible artifact slots currently in the game: Melee Weapon, Ranged Weapon, Magic Weapon, Armor and Magic Items. They can be found from monster camps, bought at merchants or found lying in the world. Higher level monster camps have a better chance of dropping powerful artifacts. Note that Sword of Black Swan is the only artifact which cannot be crafted.

Artifacts are automatically equipped on a Lord if they pick it up and they have a free slot of the corresponding type. Otherwise the Artifact will be placed in an unused row of them beneath the Lords in their menu. Artifacts can be unequipped. Unused artifacts can be equipped or re-equipped for a mana cost. Artifacts can also be disenchanted for a one-time Mana yield; this will destroy the artifact.

See also: Artifact Crafting

Under construction. Names and costs of new artifacts in Warlock 2 are added, but properties and crafting requirements are WIP.

Name Slot Properties Cost Level
Baton of Marshal Frost Melee Weapon

Applies the curse: Frostbite (Movement: -2, Resistance: -20 Melee and -20 Elemental, dispellable, turns: 2)

160 1
Flaming Sword Melee Weapon Damage: +15% Elemental Magic 50 1
Gilette Axe Melee Weapon

Razor Blade

Strike of fire

90 2
Kortana Blade Melee Weapon Damage: +10% Melee, +25% Life Magic 100 2
Sir Robin's Maul Melee Weapon

Razor Blade


150 3
Sword of the Black Swan Melee Weapon Damage: +25% Spirit Magic 260 3
Sword of Poison Melee Weapon Strike of Death 40 1
Sword of true hero.png
Sword of a True Hero Melee Weapon

Power: +20%

Bonus vs weakened units

190 3
Sword of Truth Melee Weapon Damage: +10% Melee 30 1
Warhammer of Order Melee Weapon Will of Dauros 160 2
Bow of Shadows Ranged Weapon

Great sign of Krypta

Power Stone

260 2
bow of plague
Bow of Plague Ranged Weapon Damage: +25% Death Magic 70 2
Bow of the Dragon Slayer Ranged Weapon


Resistance to Elements

Death Protection

340 3
Chilling Death Ranged Weapon Damage: +15% Death Magic. Applies the curse: Frostbite (Movement: -2, Resistance: -20 Melee and -20 Elemental, dispellable, turns: 2) 190 3
Crossbow of 500 Seas Ranged Weapon

Will of Grum-Gog

Power Stone

210 2
Hand of Ashes Ranged Weapon Adds an action: Far shot (Inflicts Ranged damage to one unit, Range: 3, Cooldown: 4) 40 1
Obin Oxley's Bow Ranged Weapon Defense bonus in forests; Bonus when attacking targets in a forest; Passability: Dense 70 2
Blinker Magic Weapon Adds an action: Self Teleportation. Range: 2. Cooldown: 5. 160 2
Gnarled Staff Magic Weapon Damage: +15% Elemental Magic 50 1
Shadow Staff Magic Weapon


Impenetrable Melee Protection

Impenetrable Range Protection

510 4
Stack of Demons Magic Weapon Demon Summoning 160 2
Staff of Bones Magic Weapon Damage: +15% Death Magic 40 1
Staff of Life Magic Weapon Adds an action: Heal (Restores health to a friendly unit, except undead and buildings, Range: 3, Cooldown: 4) 60 2
Staff of Macros Magic Weapon Adds an action: Fireball (Inflicts Elemental magic damage to one unit, Range: 3, Cooldown: 4) 70 2
Wand of Helia Magic Weapon

Adds an action: Firestorm (Inflicts Elemental magic damage to target plus all surrounding hexes, Range: 2, Cooldown: 4)

210 4
Armor of Power Armor Movement Points: +1, Unit power: +20%, Immune to Banes, Resistance: +20 Melee, +20 Missile 530 4
Armor of the Thirteenth Armor

Basic Protection

Range Protection

70 1
Deathbane Armor Death Protection 65 1
Dragonscale Hauberk Armor Resistance: +60 Melee, +20 Missile 130 2
Firerat Robe Armor Resistance: +25 Elemental Magic 65 1
Full Plate of Munch Kin Armor Resistance: +40 Melee, +30 Missile, +25 Elemental Magic 195 3
Nevril Shoulder-strap Armor Impenetrable Melee Protection 175 3
Robe of Magister Armor Spirit Protection 225 3
Rorik's Chain Mail Armor Resistance: +40 Melee 105 2
Shield of Ben-Jan Armor Resistance: +20 Melee, +20 Missile 50 1
Shield of Rage Armor Unit power: +20%, Resistance: +60 Melee, +20 Missile 130 3
Amulet of Inner Peace Magic Item

Sign of Krypta

Spirit Protection

310 3
Amulet of The Three Magic Item

Resistance to Elements

Death Protection

Spirit Protection

330 2
Amulet of the Two Magic Item Resistance: +50 Life Magic, +40 Death Magic 170 2
Clever Hat Magic Item


Strike of Fire

190 1
Cold Stone Magic Item Resistance: +25 Elemental Magic 90 1
Combat Broom Magic Item Flying, Unit power: +10% 400 3
Gauntlet of Death Magic Item Resistance: +25 Elemental Magic , Unit power: +10% 140 4
Gauntlets of Divine Power Magic Item Sign of Krolm 130 3
Mask of Howledqueen Magic Item Invisibility, Sight Range: +1 400 3
Ring of High Magic Magic Item

Power Stone

Sign of Krolm

180 4
Ring of Ra Magic Item


Power Stone

160 2
Stone of the Force Magic Item Unit power: +10% 100 1
Strength of Mind Magic Item

Impenetrable Melee Protection

Sign of Lunord

250 3
Teardrop of Agrela Magic Item Resistance: +40 Death Magic, Regeneration: +3 210 2