"The Trial of the Goddess transforms the physical appearance of the ordinary Ranger, turning his skin dark and his hair white. It also allows leaves him with the ability to see with unrivaled clarity. I've heard rumors of Archers hitting a squirrel from half a league away -- at night! -- And having witnessed their prowess in battle firsthand, Your Majesty, I'm inclined to believe it!"
(From the collected works of His Majesty's Advisor)

Unit Details

Elite archers


Sun Arrow

  • Damage: 21 Elementalicon
  • Range: 4
  • Cooldown: 3
  • Strength: 125%
  • Rejected damage bonuses: Rangedicon
  • "Inflicts Elemental damage to the target."

Base Perks

  • Advanced Armor: Resistance: +40 Melee, +60 Missile
  • Fire Arrow: Damage: +25% Elemental Magic
  • Scout: Sight range: +1
  • Forester: Defense bonus in forests; Bonus when attacking targets in forests; Passability: Dense
  • The Gift of Sun: Immune: Elemental Magic


Can be recruited after building a Temple to Helia in a Human city.
Can be upgraded from Rangers for 700 Gold.


Melee 40
Missile 60
Life Magic 100
Death Magic 0
Spirit Magic 0
Elemental Magic Immune


They have a better range than most ranged units (3 instead of 2), so in combination with one unit per tile rule it can be very powerful. Their secondary ability has an even more extreme range. This way, a Great Mage can have an additional row of archers for massive missile barrage. But the opposite side of long range is very low base damage.

Elemental Magic immunity means that mages and elementals will have a very hard time against the Archers of Helia. However, due to Elemental Immunity they are immune to blessings too. That leads to nearly full uselessness of this unit in late game.

You can bless these while on a ship transport, just make sure the last blessing is levitation or water walking.

Try to apply all blessings you want to Rangers and then upgrade them to Archers of Helia.

Since Sun Arrow rejects Rangedicon damage bonuses, they are added to the regular attack of the unit twice. Add Rangedicon damage bonuses to this unit to strengthen its regular attack a lot. See Damage Calculation Guide for details.